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Social Projects

In addition to raising audience awareness, the primary goal of BONS SONS is to contribute to local development by boosting the economy and contributing to keep the younger population in the region. It is therefore part of a bigger plan that revolves around advancing the development of the local population, through capacity building and training, the creation of jobs and the promotion of community spirit.

BONS SONS is produced and accomplished by the inhabitants of Cem Soldos. The Festival thrives thanks to the commitment and dedication of a vast team of volunteers that coordinate its many areas and turn this event into a reality. Since its inception, it has successfully promoted the skill building of the population, namely through the ongoing training given to its team. As a project, BONS SONS ambitions to constitute a real benefit to all, involved leaving a tangible legacy: professional development and working experience for the members of the community, especially among the younger population, with a view to keeping them in the region and prevent desertification.

BONS SONS is therefore a non-profit event. Its primary goal, in addition to being self-sustainable, it to pay the village back for its effort and dedication. All festival’s proceeds will be used in social and cultural initiatives that benefit the village of Cem Soldos and improve the community’s quality of life.

Among the key plans for future development are:


Lar Aldeia

A social innovation project, “Lar Aldeia” aims to create a system to provide support and integrate the elderly population in the dynamic community life of Cem Soldos.

Following the rehabilitation of a number of housing units, the idea is to integrate the elderly in the Cem Soldos village centre, ensuring their individuality and privacy while providing essential care and stimulating their everyday life.


Casa Aqui Ao Lado

CAAL – Casa Aqui Ao Lado – aims to renovate a housing building next door to SCOCS, the local cultural association. Once renovated, it will host artistic residencies and so alleviate the production costs of its cultural activities, such as the Theatre Festival or BONS SONS itself.

Alongside the cultural aspect, another goal of the CAAL is for the space to generate income as a touristic facility.
We believe that Cem Soldos will be propelled to the forefront of community thinking and practice through social and artistic projects. These are the driving engines of Cem Soldos, a village of and for culture, with BONS SONS as its flagship project.

© Miguel Madeira/ Público

Eco Plan

The organizers remain committed to the sustainable growth of the event, looking to improve the quality of the services rendered without in any way reducing the feeling of belonging of the Cem Soldos inhabitants towards the Festival.

Conscious that large events of this nature inevitably entail the production of large amounts of waste, the organizers promote awareness and mindfulness of the site hosting the Festival – the village of Cem Soldos. Strategies have been developed to raise awareness towards the reuse of materials and waste reduction. Likewise, more effective waste collection and treatment systems are now in place.

In this edition, we continue committed in reducing the Festival’s carbon footprint. The BONS SONS’17 Ecological Plan includes the already implemented measures from previous editions but it also brings new initiatives to lessen the environmental impact of the festival. There is a bilateral influence between the festival and village of Cem Soldos on both the cultural and sustainability planes, which means fostering the optimal use of resources during and after the festival. The Ecological Plan is carried out through continuous improvement, by setting helpful equipment and tools, as well as encouraging good environmental practices to all the BONS SONS community: inhabitants, visitors, operators and regional structures where the village is established.


The BONS SONS’17 Ecological Plan has waged a war against the waste of resources. From water to food and to the use of plastic materials, the great aim will be to reduce what is not necessary. In previous years we have already achieved a good selective waste management but this year we’ll take it further with the elimination of the single use plastic cups for beer and sodas. As an alternative, festival goers will have the traditional metal mug available, on sale at the merchandising stand for 2,5€, and also the reusable plastic cup, for a 1€ deposit. Visitors opting for the reusable plastic cup will get a deposit ticket at the moment of acquisition and they can have the 1€ returned upon retrieval of the used cup with the ticket. These measures are intended to reduce the general volume of residues produced. Specifically for cigarette buds, we will be dispensing portable ashtrays that mean also to reduce the risk of hazardous fire.