Tia Graça – Toda a gente devia ter uma

9.AUG.2018 | 17:45 | AMÁLIA STAGE

Maria da Graça never learned a single music note. Neither she, nor her mother, nor her sisters, nor any woman in the house. On the contrary, all the men in the family are musicians. She never had children, so she was the mother of her grandfather, mother of the father, mother of the brothers and now she is the mother of her own nephews. All the musicians. Today, Auntie Grace is deaf. What, in a family like this one, is very funny. Conceived and interpreted by Luís Fernandes, this show honors the women who live behind the scenes of the lives of so many musicians, washing, sewing, ironing, cooking and pampering. Everybody should have a Tia Graça (Auntie Grace).


© Mário Abreu