Samuel Úria

13.AUG.2017 | 22:15 | EIRA STAGE

It should be easier to decipher him after a while but it is not. Samuel Úria is far-fetched, encrypted and, to make it even harder, he’s full of content to unravel. He has many strings to bow and he defies the audience to keep track of the lyrics and the message hidden under layers of meanings. In his last album “Carga de Ombro” (shoulder strike) there are several opposing moments as he feels that to be the resonance of complexity. His sound of strength and perseverance is a scream to the top of his lungs that impels a friend to come back up; that reprimands the idiocy of mixing wisdom and opinion; that points out the absurd when fear commits you to silence. This is the same man that later will whisper a “dunno” and wishes to be no more than just a regular common man.

© Rita Carmo


15.AUG.2014 | 23:00 | GIACOMETTI STAGE
2014 © Carlos Manuel Martins / Bons Sons