Rodrigo Affreixo

14.AUG.2017 | 02:00 | AGUARDELA STAGE

Rodrigo is a culture and entertainment journalist that started as a DJ back in 1999 in Porto nightlife (Anikibobó, Maus Habitos, Triplex, Passos Manuel). He created theme nights that are running still today such as “80” (1999), “Chocolate Preto” (2000), “Super Cock/LusoPop” (2001) e “Disco Heavy” (2003). He promotes the vision of dance music as a continuum, privileging primal intimacy between black music, disco and house. In his “Disco Heavy” sessions he bridges the gap between 70s disco and contemporary dance music with “disco not disco” and Chicago’s acid house. Currently he circulates between Passos Manuel, Café au Lait, Plano B and Conceição 35.