O Gajo

11.AUG.2018 | 16:30 | GIACOMETTI STAGE

O Gajo was born in Lisbon in the spring of 2016 by João Morais with the intention of connecting his music to the city were he was born. They are vague shadows of the late afternoon that populate the universe of O Gajo and tell us stories of the hidden city. “5300 nights” spent in the “Miradouro da Batucada” where “A Carteirista” (“The pickpocket”) waits patiently to the sound of the “Cego e a Guitarra” (“The blind and the guitar”). Thus sails the “Navio dos Loucos” (“Ship of the Fools”), commanded by the hands that weave emotions and thoughts. “Longe do Chão” (“Far from the Ground”) is a flight on ourselves conducted by a Viola Campaniça (stringed musical instrument from Serpa, Alentejo) that fills us like the tide and floods us with feelings of wreckage.