11.AUG.2019 | 02:30 | AGUARDELA STAGE

Alter ego of producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Luís Clara Gomes, Moullinex is one of the leading Portuguese electronic artists, with several underground hits, remixes, and co-founder of label Discotexas. After two critically acclaimed albums, Flora and Elsewhere, his third album, Hypersex, is a collective celebration of disco culture, embracing the universal message of music: it doesn’t matter where we come from, who we are, or who we choose to love. This is the motto he brings to BONS SONS, in a closing party full of guests and different surprises.


© Nash Does Work

15.AUG.2014 | 02:30 | AGUARDELA STAGE

If there is a common feature in all good music it is the ability to tear down the existing boundaries between genres, dance-floors and sofas, 12” and youtube clips. This is where Luís Clara Gomes steps in. He goes by the name Moullinex and he shares his music between the nightclubs of Lisbon and Munich.

2014 © Carlos Manuel Martins / Bons Sons