Manuel Fúria e os Náufragos

11.AUG.2017 | 18:00 | TARDE AO SOL STAGE

Manuel Fúria, a portuguese artist, an almost-singer, the same way we could consider Father António Vieira (Portuguese Jesuit philosopher from the XVII century) to be an almost-writer. His musical activity started ahead of the band Os Golpes and the label Amor Fúria, in 2007, and responsible for a prodigal crossover between rock and traditional Portuguese music. From that time songs such as “A Marcha dos Golpes” (Golpes march) and “Vá Lá Senhora” (Come on lady), in a memorable duet with lead singer from Heróis do Mar, became huge radio hits. Fúria’s solo journey (sided by the band Os Náufragos) is highlighted in the dense and very conceptual record “Manuel Fúria Contempla Os Lírios do Campo” (Manuel Furia beholds the country lilies).From his most recent album “Viva Fúria” a few tracks are already available such as “Nova”, “20.000 Naves” (20.000 ships) and “Aquele Grande Rio” (That great big river).