Jorge Palma

15.AUG.2016 | 22:45 | LOPES-GRAÇA STAGE

With a career that spans over 40 years, Jorge Palma is one of the greats in Portuguese music. Songwriter, poet, singer and a talented pianist, he travelled throughout Europe with a guitar in his hands, playing on the streets of Paris and Copenhagen, among other cities. In 1990 Palma completed his Degree in Piano and began releasing records, with continuous success (his album “Voo Nocturno” – “Night Flight” – reached double platinum). He was awarded the prestigious José Afonso award in 2002 and won the Portuguese Golden Globe for Best Male Singer in 2008 and 2012. “Com Todo o Respeito” (“With All Due Respect”), released in 2011, was awarded with yet another prestigious Portuguese prize, the Pedro Osório award.


© Isabel Pinto