for Families

8—11 AUGUST 2019

Oficina Orquestra Tradicional Portuguesa

THU 8, SAT 10 | 13:00, SUN 11 | 12:15

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BONS SONS x 10 – Uma aldeia em manifesto

THU 8 | 15:00
Largo do rossio

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Oficina de percussão corporal

FRI 9 | 13:00, SAT 10 | 12:15

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Música para grávidas

SUN 11 | 13:00

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Música para toda a família

EVERY DAY | 10:00, 10:45, 11:30, 12:15

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Donkey Lessons

EVERY DAY | 10:30
The Pen

Through the wise knowledge of AEPGA (association for the study and protection of asinine cattle) you can get to better know donkeys, asses, mules and hinnies. You will get insight on their differences, characteristics and habits, the way they think and how they act. Not only will you learn how to approach and take care of them, but you will also address the cultural values and nature of the Mirandean plateau, home to the Miranda Donkey (Portuguese species).


Portuguesas Inesquecíveis

EVERY DAY | 11:00, 16:00
Well Backyard

Available soon.


Donkey Rides

EVERY DAY | 11:30
The Pen

AEPGA is an association for the study and protection of asinine cattle. They’re responsible for the donkey rides across the surroundings of Cem Soldos. These friendly animals, more than packhorses are travel companions. At a moderate step, it is with great ease that you can get acquainted with them and their whims.


Cem Soldos, por detrás do BONS SONS

EVERY DAY | 12:00
Info Point

Available soon.


Donkey Game

EVERY DAY | 17:00
The Pen

Available soon.


Jogos do Helder

EVERY DAY | 10:00-20:00
Largo de São Pedro

Made with the simplest materials such as wood and rope, Helder’s Games are powered by the most accessible energy in the world: yourself. The games, most of medieval inspiration, are built by Helder himself. They have become famous by their remarkable ability to amuse people of all ages.


New Crafts Fair

EVERY DAY | 10:00-24:00
Village Streets

During the Festival, the streets of Cem Soldos will be busy with the shops and works of new craftsmen and collectors. Traditional and contemporary objects are displayed sideby-side and are, per se, another reason to enjoy this village during the Festival.

Kids Place

This place is for kids only, for games, fun, stories, handcrafts, gymnastics and any other activity that will motivate them to learn. We promote interaction among them and stimulate their personal and social development. In this area you can also find nappy changing facilities, rent sound blocking headphones for children and also consult our babysitting services.