How to pay?


From now on, the power (and the money) is in the bracelet. It’s time to eat, drink and buy everything at the festival without having to worry about cash or credit. BONS SONS is a cashless festival, which means that there are no cash or credit/debit cards payments in the festival circuit and all consumptions are made through the bracelet. The bracelet has a chip that can be charged with the desired amount soon as you arrive at the festival and from there you can just enjoy the music and everything else. It is safer, practical and more comfortable.


Once you arrive at the festival, present your ticket at the ticket office / entrance of BONS SONS and exchange it for a cashless RFID bracelet.


You can charge your bracelet any time at one of the fixed or moving charging points at the entrance of the festival.


If you do not use all the funds, you can ask for the money back at the charging points.


If you prefer, you can also leave the amount as a donation for the development of social and cultural initiatives in the village of Cem Soldos. The village and the BONS SONS are grateful!


It’s a wristband with an RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) chip that guarantees access to the festival and works as an electronic wallet, allowing you to make payments and purchases in an easier and convenient way, without using money or credit cards.
When you enter the festival your ticket is exchanged for the bracelet.
Your bracelet is used to enter the festival and to buy everything inside the venue: food, drinks, merchandise and all other products at the festival. The bracelet can be charged in the several charging points in the BONS SONS circuit. When ordering at bars, restaurants, market or BONS SONS Store, you just have to put your bracelet on the reader located in those places. Once the transaction is confirmed, the value is automatically deducted from your bracelet.
Yes. It is the only payment system available in BONS SONS.
Since BONS SONS is a cashless festival, the only type of payment that exists is through your bracelet.
You can charge your bracelet at the charging points inside the festival grounds: at the fixed points of charging or with BONS SONS staff properly identified that circulate around the circuit and to whom you can ask for credits for your bracelet.
If you run out of credit on your bracelet, you can charge it for free as many times as you want.
You can check the balance at the fixed charging points and in any bar, restaurant and other sales spaces. Just ask them to tell you the balance.
No. Each bracelet is associated with a person and is personal and non-transferable. Bracelets that have been removed, cut or visibly damaged are not accepted as valid.
Of course! You can use the bracelet to buy products for whomever you want.
The bracelets offer several benefits: they are practical, comfortable and allow to live the village and the festival in a more relaxed, restful and safer way, without having to carry money or credit cards.
You can request the refund of the money at any of the fixed charging points. If you wish you can also donate the money or part of it in the bracelet, contributing to the development of social and cultural initiatives developed by the SCOCS – Sport Club Operário de Cem Soldos in the village of Cem Soldos.
If you do not ask for a refund the festival and village are grateful. With the money on your bracelet, you are contributing to the development of social and cultural initiatives in the village of Cem Soldos.
You can request a refund at the charging points of the festival until 5am. For daily tickets: on the same day. General passes: on any day of the festival.