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The largest and most diverse festival dedicated to Portuguese music, BONS SONS takes place every year in the village of Cem Soldos, Tomar. Organized by SCOCS, the local cultural association, BONS SONS acts as a platform to promote Portuguese music, where the audience can discover emerging projects as well as reconnect with renowned musicians.

In addition to being a Portuguese music festival, BONS SONS is, first and foremost, an unparalleled experience. The village of Cem Soldos is closed and its perimeter marks out the festival venue. Inside, 8 stages, each hosting a dedicated programme, blended seamlessly with the village’s streets, squares, the church and other facilities. In addition to this unique atmosphere, BONS SONS fosters a close engagement with its audience while involving the population in the making of the festival. It is the locals who welcome and serve festivalgoers, in a unique communion between hosts and visitors that affords an unparalleled experience of a music event.

A thoughtfully designed programme, the entire village of Cem Soldos as venue and the involvement of the locals in the Festival are unique traits that set BONS SONS apart in the Portuguese cultural scenario.

In addition to raising audience awareness, the primary goal of BONS SONS is to contribute to local development by boosting the economy and contributing to keep the younger population in the region.


Lopes-Graça stage

Among the trees of the Rossio Square lies the main stage. Its name is a tribute to Fernando Lopes-Graça, born in Tomar, one of the main composers and conductor of the Portuguese 20th century. On this stage will perform the most recognized artists and newfound talents, representative of Portuguese musical movements that bring generations together.


Zeca Afonso stage

The Zeca Afonso stage honors the Portuguese singer-songwriter who believed that a cultural revolution was all about to reach those places and find music from there. The stage to which it gives its name is a natural amphitheater in a field with some olive just behind the the SCOCS office, very conducive to concerts dedicated to the new Portuguese music.


Giacometti stage

This stage is fitted in the S. Pedro Square and honours the name of Michel Giacometti. He was an ethnomusicologist with a fundamental role in the registration and dissemination of Portuguese traditional music. This is the privileged place for the most inspiring alternative projects, for the virtuous singer-songwriters and for the warm guitar compositions.


Agostinho da Silva Auditorium

A tribute to the philosopher who defended that “the world always ends up doing what the poets dream” and that “living matters more than having lived” and “life is only real when we feel something different from us”. The Agostinho da Silva Auditorium receives a program related to performative arts, cinema and activities for children.


MPAGDP stage

The stage curated by the Música Portuguesa A Gostar Dela Própria (“Portuguese music enjoying itself”) project changes location but retains the same spirit. For the 2019 edition it is located in the Cem Soldos lagar, just behind the São Sebastião Church. MPAGDP continues to showcase the rich diversity of music made in Portugal and its perception of the world as a stage.


Amália stage

In the churchyard of São Sebastião, this stage has been paying homage to Amália Rodrigues, the most international name of Portuguese music, since 2018. At a time when BONS SONS wishes to conquer new territories for national music, Amália emerges as an unavoidable name. In this stage, the concerts are in the afternoon, and feature the presence of very diverse projects and inspirations, on a venue that provides incredible proximity between artists and the public, presenting itself, in this edition, as a four-way stage.


António Variações stage

One of the surprises of BONS SONS 2019, this stage is located on the site of the former Palco Eira and is a tribute to António Variações, the Portuguese singer-songwriter who marked the 1980s in Portugal. Although short, his career and discography was truly remarkable and left a legacy that continues to influence Portuguese musicians to this day. Irreverence, eccentricity and a lot of talent in creating a cultured style. In this stage we can watch musical projects that gravitate from pop rock, to electronic sounds, to punk.


Carlos Paredes stage

In 2019, the Church of S. Sebastião is the setting for instrumental, contemplative and virtuous performances by expert musicians who re-invent how to play certain types of music or musical instruments, namely violas, guitars, lutes or electronic sounds specifically designed for the church’s special acoustics. The chosen name for this stage, Carlos Paredes, is in honour of the Portuguese composer, a unique symbol of Portuguese culture and responsible for the promotion and popularity of the Portuguese guitar.


Aguardela stage

This stage will try to keep alive the legacy of João Aguardela in the musical creation as member of the Portuguese bands “Sitiados” , “Linha da Frente”, “A Naifa”. On his solo project “Megafone”, he fused electronic music with traditional Portuguese music findings. Closing each night of the Festival, this stage will create the soundscapes with danceable beats that will meld genres and cultures.


Garagem stage

Here, anyone can show their talent. You just have to sign up daily. BONS SONS lends the stage to solo acts or bands, as well as the technical means, allowing unknowns to perform for a considerable number of people. This stage is a unique opportunity for newcomers to test their projects in front of an audience and agents, but, above all, it’s a way to celebrate music in a happy and relaxed environment. At Palco Garagem music is for everyone, and it might just be you up on that stage.



Direção artística
Luís Sousa Ferreira

Direção executiva
Jorge Silva

Direção financeira
António Craveiro


Coordenação de comunicação
Helena César

Assessoria de imprensa
Helena César (nacional)
João Silva (regional)

Redes sociais
Alexandre Santos

Direção criativa
Marco Reixa

Design gráfico
Gonçalo Fialho
Miguel Atalaia
Paulo Graça

Web design
Marco Reixa

Produção gráfica
Miguel Atalaia

Equipa Financeira

Equipa financeira
José Simões
Carla Vieira
José Silva
Susana Cartaxo

Coordenação de Caixas
António Clemente

Técnica — Logística

Coordenação logística
Bruno Cartaxo

Instalações Eléctricas
Álvaro Sousa Lopes

Águas e Saneamento
Sérgio Freitas

Recinto, Construções e Sinalética
Luís Gonçalves Tomás
João Francisco Ferreira
Rui Silva
Pedro Cartaxo

Jacinto Craveiro

Coordenação Campismo
Rui Maia Mourão
Pedro Nunes

Equipa Campismo
José Pica
Luís Sousa

Campo Capacitação Jovem
Filipe Cartaxo
Flávio Oliveira

Técnica — Informática

Coordenação Informática
David Peneireiro
Luís Santiago
Mário Mourão

Técnica — Palcos

Coordenação Técnica
Bruno Rocha
Assistente Coordenador Técnico
Pedro Oliveira

Equipa Técnica
André Mendes
Carlos Silva
Fábio Bento
Fábio Rodrigues
Gil Cardoso
João Cotovio
Olga Matviychuk
Paulo Sousa
Romeu Silva
Rui Paiva

Produção — Acolhimento

Rafael Vieira
Sérgio Alves

Produção de palco
Ana Taipas
Bruno Sousa
Carolina Mourão
Cristina Garcia
Filipe Confraria
Goreti Mourão
Marta Almada
Hernani Pereira
Sofia Seno
Paulo Sousa
Pedro Valente
Tiago Pereira

Coordenação atividades especiais
José Gonçalves

Produção atividades especiais
Ana Rita Melro
Cláudia Diaz
João André Sousa
Rui Mourão

Catarina Godinho Santos
Rui Miguel Pereira

Coordenação de catering
Luís Bibi

Equipa de catering
Maria do Céu Lopes Cartaxo
Maria Isabel Farinha Antunes
José Pedro Vieira Pereira
Graciete Maia
Luiz Antunes

Voluntários e Estudos

Coordenação de voluntários externos
Leonor Atalaia
Francisco Correia

Produção — Serviços

Coordenação de bilheteiras
João Pedro Mourão

Equipa bilheteiras
Inês Mourão
Paulo Santos
Cátia Carvalho
José Narciso

Posto de informação
Daniela Craveiro

Sofia Santos
Cátia Craveiro

Espaço Criança
Margarida Freire

Susana César
Diogo Moura

Segurança e Trânsito
Manuel Mota

Proteção Civil
Fausto Simões

Posto Médico Avançado
Valerie Bibi

Plano de Sustentabilidade Ambiental
Inês Fernandes
Graça Gonçalves
Jaime Mourão
Pedro Costa
Horácio Atalaia
Patricia Mourão

Produção — Restauração e Bares

Restaurante Petiscos
Maria José Ferreira
Maria do Céu Mourão

Restaurante Aleluia
Fátima Mourão
Valentim Alves

Tasca São Pedro
João Azevedo Mourão
Ana Margarida

Inês Graça
Cristiano Pires

Filipe Lopes
Fátima Duro

Bares Cerveja
João Mourão
Luís Cartaxo
Carlos Duarte

Bar Bebidas Brancas
José Tomás

Serviços Concessionados
João Pereira

Apoio aos Serviços
Laurinda Craveiro
António Curado